Describe, Compare and Contrast One Process and One Content Theory of Motivation. Evaluate How Appropriate They Are for Organisations Today

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Describe, compare and contrast one process and one content theory of motivation. Evaluate how appropriate they are for organisations today The main purpose of this essay is to explain Maslow’s theory and Goal setting theory and compare the two using evidence from journals and text books to give the best possible understanding of the two theories. Also this essay will compare and contrast the two theories with detail to the problems and positives that both theories have as well and the empirical evidence that both have to support there argument. It will then apply both theories to a modern day organisation and how applicable they would be for use by a manager to help motivate people at work. Maslow’s (1943) motivational theory is based on a hierarchy of needs. There are five stages that take place. Before someone can move on the next stage they must first meet all the needs of the stage before hand. The first stage is Physiological and this is the basic needs and wants of any human being i.e. breathing, food water sex and sleep. The second stage is safety for example the security of a job, health and morality. The third stage is love and being and these needs comprise of friendship, family and sexual intimacy. The fifth and final stage is self-actualization and this is lack of prejudice, creativity and acceptance of facts. Upon doing this Maslow set out to identify some of the characteristics that a self-actualized person would have. These where have realistic perceptions and others around them, the world and themselves. The second is that self-actualized people are motivated by personal responsibility and ethics to help others and solve problems for others and the external world. Maslow also stated that self-actualized people would be spontaneous in there thought and behaviour but could also conform to rules. He also made the point that self-actualized people need
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