Describe Ansel Adams As A Naturalist

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Ansel Adams Samantha Brizuela Period 3 September 20, 2011 Overview: Ansel Adams is a type of photographer I would describe as a naturalist. I was attracted to his work because I like the nature and the way the scenario in his pictures can tell a story. I like how his pictures can be meaningful. Ansel Adams has photographed a famous and most visited place Yosemite. Adams was born on February 20, 1902 in San Francisco, California. He was raised by a distinctly upper class parents Charles Hitchcock Adams and Olive Bray Adams. Olive had Ansel at the age of forty and he was his only son. At the age of four an aftershock of the great earthquake and fire of 1906 threw Adams to the ground and badly broke his nose, marking him for life. Adams nose accident gave him a difficult time to fit in school. Later in life he noted that he might…show more content…
Ansel Adams was always interested on how to get the feeling and emotion of it subject in his photographs. Once he got more known and known threw out time he started to bring a lot more scenarios into his photos. One thing that Ansel Adams did that was unique was that he would print all his pictures in black and white. He would capture the feelings and emotions of his subjects that a lot of other nature photographers wouldn’t. Something that Ansel Adams said about his photography was “In my mind's eye, I visualize how a particular... sight and feeling will appear on a print. If it excites me, there is a good chance it will make a good photograph. It is an intuitive sense, an ability that comes from a lot of practice.” His photographs filled the pages and pages of the country’s finest magazines and they definitely made it into the National Geographic Magazines. When Ansel Adams would take his landscape pictures he often knew where to stand before taking the good shot. Ansel Adams throughout his career wrote many books and made his art be noticed by others all over the
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