My Change In My Life

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Once upon a time, I started school as a reticent, timid, under- confident daughter of my mother. Today, I am a bold, confident and talkative individual. Once upon a time, I started school as an antagonistic, unfriendly and cold child. Today, I am an amiable, caring and benign fourteen year old. I have certainly changed over the past few years, for the better or even for the worse. My personality has altered, it has transformed. However, in some ways, I am the same person that entered Lahore Grammar School many years ago. When I started my education at the institute I study in right now, I was very different from who I am today. Over the years, I underwent a change. From being a very shy girl, I became confident. From being known as “Abeera’s daughter” I became known as “Minahil”. From being diffident, I became bold. I became fed up of being the black cloud looming in the background, the child simply staring from backstage, I now wanted to be the cloud in front of all the other clouds, the child performing on the stage. I wanted it to be my time to shine, and throughout my childhood, whatever I strove for, I tried my best to achieve. And today, I am not shy anymore. I am talkative, I am confident, I do not hesitate before…show more content…
As a child, I did not particularly interact with my peers. I did not talk to them much, I remained distant and aloof. I did not know the kind of children they were and I did not even care enough to find out. Other children around me were friendly but I always remained cold. However, I soon realized I could not remain so antisocial. I could not live my life with such a personality. It was then that very awkwardly, I became friendly. I became a caring and considerate person. I helped others when they needed it and today, I am indeed
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