Describe and Evaluate Personality and Biological Factors Which Underpin Anomalous Experience Essay

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Describe and evaluate personality and biological factors that underline anomalous experience Biological and personality factors are the two major factors, which underline anomalous experience. Biological factors can include Neuroticism, which is when people tend to experience negative emotional states, like anger, anxiety and depression, rather than positive emotional states. These negative states lead to the belief in the paranormal due to the beliefs acting as a defence in order to create a gap between reality and the paranormal, which in turn reduces the negative emotions, which a person experiences. Schizotypy is the second type, which is associated with personality and is also related to psychosis and disorders such as schizophrenia. Locus of control is a big factor when looking at personality factors and paranormal beliefs. An external locus of control means that people believe that things, which happen to them in life, are controlled by something other than just themselves; therefore there are links to an external locus of control and paranormal beliefs. These people may believe that dead relatives or friends may be helping them along in life or may influence their decisions. Tobacyk et al said that the relationship between an external locus of control and paranormal beliefs all depends on the type of paranormal belief. Some forms of paranormal beliefs correlate positively with locus of control, however there are some paranormal beliefs, which correlate negatively with paranormal beliefs. According to Andrews and Lester, there are no links between bipolar or depression and paranormal beliefs, however there are links with narcissism. However Auton et al suggested that it is mistaken to portray paranormal beliefs as pathological as some research some research has sown that some paranormal beliefs can be positive, for example positive correlations between
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