Violence Across The Barricades Analysis

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Violence is everywhere in the world it can either be in wars, fights or even in homes. In the novel Across the Barricades by Joan Lingard violence is an important theme as the book relates to the Troubles in Ireland. In the novel violence portrays an important part and has many effects. For example violence, breaks friendships, causes many deaths and can split households apart. Firstly violence can break friendships. What I mean by this is that in Ireland many kids learn to fight when they are young and this led to a lot of injuries. For example in the novel when Kevin started acting like he didn’t want any more war against the protestants Brian was angered and violently lashed against Kevin and another example is that Brian with his two friends started beating up Kevin in the streets. This is important as it showed us how violence had changed Brian and all he wanted to do was fight, especially his friends that he thought was traitors. Secondly violence causes many deaths. In the novel there are many deaths because of violence. An example of this is when Mrs McConkey’s shop goes up in flames because of a terrorist, this is important as it shows how the novel shows violence in a brutal way and it makes the readers think that it was a very dangerous time. Another example where violence caused a death is…show more content…
In other words in the book’s past it shows that Kevin, Sadie, Brede and Tommy use to play together and their families would be fine about that. But when the violence between Protestants and Catholics started the households were split and they weren’t allowed to meet each other anymore. This is shown when it states that Sadie has not seen Kevin for three years because of the troubles. This is important as it shows the readers that violence can also affect socially as because of the violence against Protestants and Catholics Kevin, Sadie, Brede and Tommy couldn’t meet each other and if they did they would be dire

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