Describe A Range Of Approaches To Help Individuals Make Informed Choices Essay

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Case Study 1 You are a senior social care worker and have been asked to mentor a colleague who is finding it difficult to understand the importance of obtaining consent from individuals receiving a service. Describe the different factors that might affect an individual’s ability to express their view: You have think about different things such as their mental capacity, whether they are able to express their view, if they need an advocate to help them make the choice. Maybe look at if they have already made their needs and wishes by having it written in a consent form or in a will. Think about how the person is, so maybe there are unwell and not able to decide or they could unconscious. Think about how the person is feeling, they could be frightened to speak out or they may not have been asked or talked about…show more content…
Describe different ways to help an individual challenge decisions made by others (such as medical practitioners, social care workers and family members: Standing up for people that are self-confident or that lack confidence ensuring that they aware that the individual is unhappy, but ensuring that you are not putting words into their mouths and interrupting them while they are speaking. If while you are attending the meeting you feel that they are confusing the individual then you can speak out as an advocate. You may also have to write to certain people about a matter and must ensure you make clear and explain to them what you are writing and also ensuring that you are writing word for word in what they want to

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