Describe A Person Who Is A Role Model For You. Essay

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A few days ago I was wondering who is a role model for me. The choice was not easy, as I look up to a few people, but eventually I chose my mum – Arleta, who is always close to me and knows me like anyone else. Although my mum is in her early forties, she has not changed for years. The first thing you notice when you meet Arleta is her short brown hair , which round gently her oblong face. Her blue eyes are full of warmth and calm. She does not wear a lot of make-up, which makes her look natural. A way she dresses depends on her mood and daily activities. In spite of the fact that my mum has passed through many difficulties in her life, she has still energy to live and does not give up quickly. She is one of the strongest women I have ever known. It is the main cause, why I admire her so much. She is also a kind of person I can always rely on and knows the best how to cheer me. She helps our family and friends and does not expect anything in return. What is more, she is a great listener and always seek to understand people. I am really grateful to my mum not only for work has she put into my upbringing but also for creating a loving home. I am very lucky to have such a wonderful person in my life and I owe her a lot. My best childhood memories were given to me by her and she taught me to be strong and to fight for my

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