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You have just received a letter from your pen friend in another country describing his/her school and asking you to write about your best friend at school. Your letter should be 150-200 words long. Don’t forget to include: o Who your friend is o His / her special qualities o What you admire about him / her You will receive up to 9 marks for the content of your article and up to 9 marks for the style and accuracy of your language. ------------------------------------------------- I have a best friend. His name is Wong Ah Kau. He is also my classmate. We have known each other since we were 10 years old. I know him in the annual class monitor meeting in which we both happened to be the monitors. His special qualities had have drawn me to him. He is a helpful person. Every time, when he see an elderly crossing the road, he will hold his or her hands to guide them crossing the road. Besides, he is generous too. He involves actively in charities. He often donates money, old clothes and food to the poor. In other words, he care and love the less fortunate which he thinks is the basic humanity. I admire him because of his positive thinking and his selflessness. He is a person who will not run away from challenges and obstacles in life. He will also sacrifice his time to help people in whatever way he can. Lastly, Ah Kau has made a great model. Indeed, he has positive influence on people who are around him. I am lucky to have him as my best friend. (189

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