Desconstruction and Analysis of Zinn Essay

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AP U.S. History Assignment: Deconstruction and analysis of “Columbus, the Indians, and Human Progress” by Howard Zinn Topic of Essay: European’s reason and history of the colonization of America. Thesis: Many times in history we see history from one point of view. It is extremely important to see history from both sides since most of the time “ History is written by the victors” and omits the truth of what really happened. Many times horrible deeds are justified and we ignore them since we see these deeds as necessary and justified from only one point of view. Arguments: 1.) The Europeans constantly described the Native Americans without any civilization whatsoever. The Native Americans actually had a very complex society before the arrival of the Europeans and were even more advanced in the Europeans in some things such as social standings for women, complex trade systems, astronomy, etc. 2.) Many supposed “heroes” of western society were actually men who harmed greatly The Americas and its people 3.) Many times Europeans would omit massacres and atrocities that they committed and only mention the ones that the natives did. Examples: First Argument: 1.) Women were very important and respected in Iroquois society. The Iroquois would have matrilineal heritage instead of the European male heritage. They had a “type of democracy”, if it can be called that way, consisting of 49 chiefs who formed the ruling council of the five nations that consisted the Iroquois Confederacy. Women voted for these chiefs and if any time the chief would disappoint them he would be dismissed. There was no sense of private property, everything was common property of all, and very distinct to what can be called the greedy European society. Children were taught very differently from the European way. “ Children In Iroquois society, while taught the
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