Descision Making -Henry Mintzberg & Frances Wesley Essay

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CHAPTER2 j:RAT '.~r~-= iHI\iKi:';Ci 93 Decision-making: It's not what you think B,v Henry ivlint:berg and Frances Westleyl ow should decisions be made') we figured that out long ago. First define the problem. then diagnose its causes. next design possible solutions. and finally decide which is best. And. of course. implement the choice. But do people always make decisions that way') We propose that this rationaL or 'thinking fir'it'. model of decision-making should be supplemented with two a 'seeing tirst' and a 'doing very different models first' model. When practicing managers use all three models. they can improve the quality of their decisions. Healthy organizations. like healthy people. have the capacity for all three. Consider how a real decision was made, a personal one in this case. It begins with a call from an aunt: H However, the rational approach turns out to be uncommon. Years ago, one of us studied a host of decisions. delineating the steps and then laying them out. A deci­ sion process for building a new plant was typical. The process kept cycling back. interrupted by new events. diverted by opportunities and so on, going round and round until finally a solution emerged. The final action was as clear as a wave breaking on the shore, but explaining how it came to be is as hard as tracing the origin of that wave back into the ocean. Often decisions do not so much emerge as erupt. Here is how Alexander Kotov, the chess master, has described a sudden insight that followed lengthy :malysis: 'Hi. kiddo. I want to buv WJll II hOllsewa17ninrz presellt. What's the color scheme in vour new apa rfmenf " , 'C%r scheme? Berti', rOil I'll/rave to ask Lisa. Lisa, Bef/' wants rhe u1)(1 rtll1 ell t. ' fJm sal'S, ','e eDt to be ladding, to know the So, I mustn '( move the knirshr. Trv the rook move again . . , . At this point

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