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Descriptive Essay- The Truth About Success If you think about it, life is like a giant race, and in the end there are winners and losers. However, what does it take for one to succeed or win? Many may believe it is wealth, power or status, which makes a person successful. Nevertheless, I believe that what will bring a person true success in life is his or her contribution to society. I know of one such person in my family who changed the face of his community by making simple contributions to it. My Great-Grandfather was never the wealthiest man, but his aspirations, and his contributions to his community, made him one of the most successful men in Pakistan. After the partition of India and Pakistan, my great-grandfather lost almost all of his possessions before he left India to live in Pakistan. As a new citizen of Pakistan, he worked in a small shop to support his family, barely making ends meet. After many years of hard work and low pay, my Great-grandfather finally decided to take action. Due to the recent partition, jobs were scarce, and businesses were slow to start. Many people had trouble supporting their families as times were bad. As he met saw how many families were struggling due to economic uncertainty. As he saw this problem, he decided to play his in creating jobs in Pakistan. So in nineteen fifty-two, my Great-grandfather, along with his other friends, founded the State Bank of Pakistan. This joint venture created hundreds of jobs over the next seven years, helping boost the economy. However, he soon lost all on his position in the company after he was replaced by a rival. You may think this is a peculiar end as it does not explain why he was successful? After he lost his position in the company, he wasn’t powerful or extremely rich anymore, but his contribution to the community is still remembered to this day. This is why I

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