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Descarte "I Think Therefore I Am" Essay

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  • on May 28, 2013
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Philosophy 101


The famous quote “I think, therefore I am” by Descarte can be taken in many ways. Descarte believes that everything in this world is an illusion or a dream controlled by a higher being.   That we need to doubt everything we believe in and question anything.   He also mentions that we have a brain but how do we know we possess a body? How do we know that we are actually doing, watching, or hearing something? How can we know for sure we actually exist in this world? All this can be created “god” and we just mere puppets under his control. We have no say, but to believe everything that is in front of us and accept thing as they are.   What Descarte means by this quote is that a deceiver that is trying to deceive us or make us doubt is ourselves. This will make us see reality.   By us doubting the deceiver proves that we have the ability to think for ourselves assuring our existence. I believe Descarte reaches this idea was through deep thinking. There was a point where he doubted himself and everything around him. If I am able to think and doubt then that make me real and I exist. I think this quote contradicts itself. If I believe that by having doubt assures my existence, there would have to be doubts in the first place. If doubts come from me, my conscious, wouldn’t that still consider an illusion? Something created from “god”.

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