Derrick's Case Study

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Derrick’s Case Study The Cardiovascular System: Blood Vessels Alicia got up early to get ready for school. As she made coffee she called to her grandfather, “Grandpa, it’s time to get up.” She heard him coughing. “I’m just going to stay in bed awhile. I’ve got a headache,” said Derrick. Alicia thought that was weird, because usually he got up before her. She knocked on his door, “Grandpa, are you alright?” “I’m fine, just a little under the weather, today,” he answered. Alicia walked over and put her hand on his head. His pale skin was cool and clammy, and a strange mottled rash covered his face and neck. She saw that he was breathing rapidly, and felt his pulse racing in his artery at his temple. “Grandpa Derrick, I think you’re really sick. Maybe you should go to the doctor.” Derrick grabbed the covers and turned away, “It’s just the flu. I threw up last night. I just need some rest, now go to school. Tell your Grandma to come in here, I want to talk to her.” Alicia stared at him and said, Grandpa, she’s not here. “ She wasn’t sure what to do. Her grandmother had passed away 10 years ago. Something was not right – Grandpa Derrick was very sick and confused. “Grandpa Derrick, I’m going to see if Ms. Mahoney can drive us to the clinic.” How does the cardiovascular system contribute to the body? It mainly transports and distributes blood throughout the body, delivering gases and nutrients and carrying away waste. Defects, though, can take many forms and harm the homeostasis of the body profoundly. Blood vessels form a closed system of tubes for the flow of blood to and from the heart pump and the exchange of gases at the lungs. They also play a role in adjusting the velocity and volume of blood flow. The vessels seen in this chapter include the arteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules and veins. At the clinic the nurse

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