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Dermatographia What is Dermatographia? This is a rare auto-immune skin condition. In Dermatographia your skin cells are sensitive to minor injuries. Only 5% are affected by this. Dermatographia is also called "skin art". People who are affected by this condition have swelling, hives, raised red lines, inflammation and minor injuries. Rubbing and scratching may and will cause more harm than good. Dermatographia is not life treating and the symptoms don't last too long. The symptoms may last 30 minutes to hours, but typically within 15 minutes they start to go away. Something's that may be problems are clothing, bed sheets, cold, heat, sunlight and applying pressure to the skin. May be less bothersome when not inflamed. The cause of Dermatographia is not yet known. What some believe that might because this is an allergic reaction of some kind; others believe it has to do with genetic. Dermatographia has not yet been tied to gender or race only that young adults between the ages of 20 and 30 are most likely to developed signs and symptoms. Other risk factors may be if you have other skin conditions like dermatitis. To test for this is very easy your doctor will take a tongue depressor across your skin like your arm or back. If red swollen lines appear you have it. Simple no blood work not even a fancy test. Treatment is tricky since we don't know exactly what the cause is. Most doctors will treat Dermatographia with anti-histamines and steroids to help relieve the symptoms. Anti-histamines block the release of histamines by the immune system. Many that suffer from Dermatographia turn to herbal and natural remedies to help with the pain and symptoms. Also you want to keep you skin very moist this to will help. We have yet to find a cure or even a drug to make life a little easier. This is a very uncomfortable and painful condition. You may also want

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