Deriending Essay

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To defriend or not to defriend; that is the question. Four-hundred and thirty-nine, that’s how many Facebook friends I have. It took some time to find and add those friends. I invited some people to be my friend, as they were a friend of a friend. Others were childhood friends I became reunited with after a 32 year separation. And some invited me to be their friend though I never met them and did not have a common thread with them. Many people on Facebook have more and some have far less “friends” than I. It can be easy to attain these “friends”, but at one time or another you may consider “Defriending” a so-called friend. Some Facebook users anguish over whether to “defriend” or not to defriend causing one great stress and turmoil for many it’s as simple as a click of their fingers. Facebook users defriend for many reasons, with ranging degrees of ease, and can face real consequences as a result. “Defriending” people who we have previously asked and/or accepted as friends is a real possibility. This happens daily for a various amount of reasons. Some “defriend” because a person never “likes” or takes the time to comment on the latest clever status update. Facebook friends may fall victim to a “defriending frenzy “where an oversupply of friends leads to rapid, out-of-control deletion by the account owner. This situation often results in the accidental deletion of real friends, leading to “refriending” requests. “Defriendestration” is another act of de-friending someone on Facebook, often for political reasons and this happens frequently during an election year. There have even been incidents of “defriendcidents” where one or multiple friends were defriended at once because of an incident that occurred either online or in real life. People even become defriend-happy, deleting friends without any provocation or warning almost with no thought whatsoever. I’m not

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