Depression in Relation to Activity Essay

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HED395 December 8, 2010 Final Paper Rise of Depression in Female Adolescents Due to Lack of Physical Activity In our society many illness are put on red alert, and are investigated with great intensity because of our culture’s tag of importance. Depression, sadly, is one that is often over looked or seen as an issue that can wait. Many common issues such as ADHD, mono, and even the common flue are attacked with a great tenacity when they are discovered it is amazing that depression is passed off as a bad day, or a low time. Depression in children is a growing illness that leads to mild or extremely detrimental physical, social, and developmental issues. On average 2.5% of children and 8.3% of adolescents are diagnosed with depression (Thompson), but due to depression’s qualities it is an easy disorder to conceal from the public (AACAP 2010). From this percentage, it is estimated that 11.75 billion dollars are spent on childhood depression, which in turn can reach an even greater number if the depression is not eliminated into adulthood (Durham). In 2007, suicide was the tenth leading cause of death over all and the third leading cause of death in children. Of those suicides, 90% were due to depression (NIMH). On average, to date, 100,000 children die a year due to depression driven suicide, a problem that is obviously plaguing our society. In adults the leading cause of depression and suicide is mental illness, but in children the top source is depression. One of the major causes of depression in children in today’s society is the lack of a vise to release the inevitable stressors of adolescence. A plausible resource to help lessen depression in children is physical activity. To study adolescent’s encounters with depression it is important to understand what depression is. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) explains that

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