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Depression in the elderly Essay

  • Submitted by: faddy22
  • on December 19, 2008
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Depression in the Elderly
Depression is a major disorder, which is usually misunderstood. Many people think that those who suffered depression only had a temporary mood, and/or this person is weak. Depression ias a serious medical condition with a variety of symptoms. Most comon sysmptoms are sadness, loss of interest in things you once enjoyed, feeings of guilt or worthlessness, restlessness, and trouble concentrating or making decisions.   Common physical symptoms are related with fatigue, vague aches/pains, headaches, and changes in weight or sleep patterns. For some, depression can lead to thoughts of death or suicide. Many factors can contribute to depression. Some people can become depressed for a comnination of reasons, some psychologists think that a single factor appears to trigger depression. some others seem to become deprressed for no apparent reason. Regardless the cause, this condition has to be treated to avoid major consequences.
As a matter of fact, depression is not only a condition of the mind; it is also a physical affliction. Behavioral / social psychologists think that there is not a complete understanding of this complex and curious condition, and they are agree on the facts that showed depression as a genetic tendency, which are both environmentally induced and learned.   There are several Factors contributing to depression among older people; these are their personality, life events, medications, and their genetic / family history. Depression causes are realted to personality when the person, who become depressed has low self-esteem, greater pessimism, and / or greater dependency needs. It is associated with life events when the death of a loved one, divorce, moving to a new place, money problems, postpartum depression or any sort of loss have all been linked to our life. People without relatives or friends to help may have even more difficulty coping with their losses. Significant life stress is also a factor in depression, regardless the...

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