Depression And Suicide In Adolescents

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Depression and Suicide in Adolescents Transforming from a child to an adult is a very trying, difficult task. Through the adolescent years and extending into young adulthood, one is faced with many challenges. Everyone deals with these changes of their lives differently and the difficulties weigh on people in sometimes unbearable ways. Many adolescents have difficulty verbalizing their feelings and dealing with their emotions and although being a teenager is supposed to be a time for fun, friends and Friday night football games, for some the experience is tainted with stress, new relationships, decisions about the future, changes with their bodies and emotions to strong to deal with. This may often result in adolescents and young adults experiencing depression. When depression goes unnoticed and or unmanaged, some adolescents will look to self harm or suicide as an answer to their problems. Adolescent suicide may also be influenced by substance abuse or aggressive, disruptive behaviors. Teen suicide is a quickly growing issue and could be intervened resulting in reduced rates of suicidal tendencies if cues are noticed in individuals more quickly. For others who have more severe mental health issues and underlying causes it is possible that they may require more intervention for their depression disorder with hope of successful return to a normal life. The goal of this paper is to discuss depression and suicide in adolescents and young adults, understand the needs and differences between outpatient and inpatient resources for these clients and analyze the nurse’s role in the treatment of these patients with hopeful successful outcomes. Depression is a mood disorder also referred to as depressive disorder. There are two types of depressive disorders; Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and Dysthymic Disorder (DD). According to Davis (2005) “Major Depressive

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