Depression Amongst Young Australians Essay

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Depression amongst Young Australians Depression is a medical illness that causes a constant feeling of sadness and lack of interest. It is amongst the most common mental conditions experienced by young Australians, 1 in 7 Australians will experience depression in their lifetime and as a result continues to be a growing concern in Australia as stated by the AIHW. In this report the interrelationship between depression and the determinants of health will be highlighted. The health promotion strategies carried out by an organisation to address the issue of depression will be discussed as well the effectiveness of the initiative. Risk behaviours of depression will be outlined and predictions of the health issue will be made. Factors Contributing to Depression The determinants of health can be divided into ‘risk’ or ‘protective’ factors and have a cumulative impact on the health of an individual. Unlike any other illness or disease, there is no exact reason or simple explanation as to what causes depression. However, there are various factors (modifiable and non-modifiable) that are associated with its development and predispose individuals to depression: Individual Factors: The actions carried out by an individual can be modified/controlled and bear a lot of weight in determining one’s health status and quality of life. For example, a young individual who decides to include the presence of a supportive adult, good interpersonal relationships, a strong sense of self, a cohesive family and social support is practising protective behaviours which makes him/her less susceptible of developing depression. Their health status in contrast to an individual who engages in risky behaviours by having no sense of self, no supportive adult, a lack of interpersonal relationships, no solidity within the family and no social support is a lot better and will have an enhanced

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