Depression: America’s Common Illness Essay

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Depression is a disease that has quite a few disguises and many people think it’s a sad and gloomy feeling that just won’t go away. Dealing with depression can be difficult and often unbearable. If we understood what causes this disease, then we would be better able to manage it. Depression can be stealthy, hiding in symptoms that make the disorder hard to determine. Some symptoms are more obvious than others. There are signs of depression that can be easy to pinpoint, while others are not. The more visible signs are moodiness, sadness, irritability, intolerance and thoughts of suicide. However, there are also signs that are not as obvious such as; anxiety, trouble sleeping and pain, just to name a few. The hardest part of diagnosing depression is recognizing the signs. The signs are often linked to plausible excuses i.e. “I’m irritable because I’m not sleeping”, “I’m not sleeping because I have a lot on my mind” and so on. These excuses are logical given the level of stress in an average person’s life. We encounter stress daily at work, home and from family. These signs are often ignored because most people just don’t want to believe they are depressed. As of April 2012, it was estimated that only 1 in every 10 Americans suffered from depression. Since depression is a complicated disease, the causes may vary from abuse, death or loss of a loved one, chronic illnesses, and even genetics. These are just a few risk factors that make people more vulnerable to depression. The death of a loved one is a major cause of depression. Some people can’t get passed the loss of life and continue to grieve. They lose interest in the world around them because they feel they can’t go on without their lost loved one. Also adults that were abused as children are very sensitive and prone to stress. Abuse can also trigger a torrent of biological effects which also

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