Depression Essay

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Most everyone has experienced a sense of feeling melancholy or sadness at one point or another throughout their lives. These blue moods as they are sometimes called usually only last one or two days in most cases, but what happens when an individual experiences episodes that go well beyond that normal acceptable point or they begin to happen with greater frequency? The answer may be some form of diagnosable depression, requiring an evaluation along with some well placed treatment in one form or another. Ahead we will take an introspective look at two forms of recognized depression known as Unipolar and Bipolar depression or mood disorder as it also referred to. Unipolar disorder is sometimes referred to as major depression, and is diagnosed in an individual having five or more depression related symptoms and lasting two or more weeks per episode. These symptoms of major depression can include: irritability and agitation, trouble with sleep or oversleeping, change in eating habits, lack of energy, feeling hopeless or helplessness, an overall feeling of worthless or inappropriately feeling guilty, withdrawal from normal and pleasurable activities, thoughts of suicide, trouble concentrating. When your major depressive episode subsides, you feel and act as normal once again. There are varying theories about a specific cause of unipolar depression. These theories rest upon the possibility of biological, psychological or environmental factors or perhaps a combination of two or more of these factors as a possible cause. Most theorists agree that one or more stressful life events can be a possibility in triggering or initiating the onset of the disorder. [What is largely disagreed upon is which underlying factors is a cause of the vulnerability. It might be genetic or one's upbringing, which is the basis of the nature vs. nurture argument. The most common

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