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Depression Essay

  • Submitted by: brother13
  • on April 30, 2011
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Depression is one of the most common psychological diseases in the world today. It is a disorder that can directly affect the way that a person thinks, feels, and how a person acts. It has an affect on a person’s eating and sleeping habits. There are many people who have depression and don’t realize it. There are also several different forms of depression, such as Seasonal affective disorder, Dysthymic Disorder, and Major Depressive Disorder.
There are so many different factors to depression that it has proven nearly impossible to pinpoint a single cause. It is suggested that it is a genetic disease that tends to run in families. In addition to that, traumatic events can cause somebody to develop depression such as the death of someone close. Those who develop the disorder show several abnormalities in the brain, but they are all related to the symptoms. None can describe depression directly. The history of Depression is an extremely long one.Through the logic of some theories, some cases date back all the way to the Old Testament. It is believed that King Saul committed suicide as a result of Depression. In ancient times, mental illness was described as a form of dark magic or demonic possession. Luckily, since this time, many medical advances have been made which allow a strong variety of treatments. For the most part, these treatments have a high success in relieving the symptoms.
The symptoms for Depression include a variety of instances involving the patients mental stability. This leads to several problems with cognition. A person who has developed a form of depression may suffer short-term memory loss. He will also seem to have a generally negative outlook on things, judging himself in a pessimistic fashion. There is often a strong sense of apathy and irritability. Someone who is depressed to the extreme of the disease will be under the generalization that they are helpless and hopeless. Several other changes in behavior such as a loss of sexual desire,...

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