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This chapter provides a detailed review of the relevant literature that supports this study. This section is divided into the following sections. The first section examines generalizations concerning depression; The second section examines the increase of depression by 2030; The third section -Prevalence in other countries; The fourth section- Various theories; The fifth section- Etiology; The sixth section-Past explanations for depression; The seventh section-Themes; The eighth section- Types of depression; The ninth section- Gender differences; The tenth section- Culture; The eleventh section- Depression and ethnicity; The twelfth section- Under-recognition of depression; The thirteenth section- Depression in the nursing home; The fourteenth section- Depression in residential homes; The fifteenth section-Depression recognition and home care nurses; The sixteenth section- Low recognition of depression; The seventeenth section- Inappropriate Treatment; The eighteenth section- Depression in elderly under-diagnosed; The nineteenth section- Staff's lack of recognition; The twentieth section- A study; The twenty first section- Nurses recognition of depression; The twenty second section- Nursing home disparities; The twenty third section- Mental Health needs of African Americans; The twenty fourth section- Under-recognition of depression in African Americans; The twenty fifth section- Under-recognition may be acute; The twenty six section- Misdiagnosis and African-Americans, thus, the twenty seventh section- Recognition of depression in African-American residents in long-term care facilities. Depression is an illness that may affect people from all walks of life from early ages to older; however, it can also be treated and eliminated. The elderly in nursing homes are dependent upon care from nursing care providers, and are vulnerable to depression, however, in many of

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