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Depression Toby Nguyen Christian Counseling Professor Samples August 10 2013 Depression: definition, causes, and management I. Introduction II. Causes of depression a. Definition of depression and its causes b. The impact of depression [Statistics and facts] III. Consequences of depression a. Negativities b. Positivity IV. Managing depression a. Christian views on depression b. Treatment V. Conclusion VI. Works Cited Toby Nguyen Professor Samples Christian Counseling Research paper 10 August 2013 Depression: definition, causes, and management Throughout humanity history, depression has been afflicting people and is a worldwide phenomenon that affects people of all ages, races, economic classes, and religious backgrounds. According to French Transpersonal Association, depression is an increasingly widespread disease. The number is over three million people are affected in France, and use of antidepressants is widespread (Descamps 84). Moreover, not even Biblical characters were immune from depression. For instance, Moses, Elijah, and Job became so depressed at some point in their ministries that they wished they would die (Num. 11:15, 1Kings 19:4, and Job 3:20-21). Another symptom of depression that is found in the Bible is loss of appetite. It was experienced by Ahab, Hannah, and Saul (1Kings 21:4, 1Sam. 1:7, and 1Sam. 28:23). Descamps states “after plague and leprosy, it was tuberculosis, then in the 19th century hysteria, and finally, in the 20th century, depression” (Descamps 84). Therefore, depression is no longer considered as an individual disease but rather as a disease of civilization. The word depression and its definition clearly involves various meanings and is therefore ambiguous. Overall, depression can be understood as “a withdrawal from joy and

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