Depression Essay

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The Dark Disorder Depression comes from the Latin word deprimere meaning ‘to press down’ or depress. Depression is a very broad illness that many people are affected by today. Depression is a mental disorder that affects thoughts, feelings, emotions and the ability to function in everyday life. There are many risk factors for depression which are loneliness, lack of social skills, stressful life experiences, family history of depression, marital or relationship difficulty, financial pressure, early childhood trauma or abuse. Depression will cause people to do different things and not act the same as usual. For example, sometimes people who are depressed won’t talk to anyone for days and isolate themselves from everyone. Depression has something to do with a chemical imbalance within the brain, a strong destructive energy surrounds depression. Due to the imbalance of negative energy, a person may believe that they are alone, no one loves them, people are judging them, don’t like them or against are them. Depression is an illness that comes and goes. A person with depression will lose all interest in daily activities like bathing and keeping good hygiene. He or she may stay at home in bed all day or mope around. Hours become days, and days become weeks with no change in their mood. The symptoms of depression are unique to each person affected. Some signs of depression to look for are excessive weight gain, weight loss, increased appetite, sleeping too much or lack of sleep, and especially being sensitive to any form of rejection. More signs and symptoms are feelings of hopelessness, and helplessness, irritability, or restlessness, loss of energy, self-loathing, concentration problems, and unexplained aches and pains. Environmental factors also trigger depression. Some changes in the physical environment that commonly cause depression are the days getting

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