Depression Essay

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Why do people become addicted to drugs? In my opinion this is a question many people ask themselves. Those who have been affected by someone doing drugs and even those who have chosen to do drugs themselves. Should they make the choice to do drugs they should know what things can cause they to become addicted. People become addicted to drugs due to social acceptance, strength of the drug and most of all genetic dispositions. Social acceptance is something that we all seek somehow this can be choosing how we dress, what sports we play and even making the choice to do drugs. Social acceptance is one of the causes that make people become addicted to drugs. In my opinion people are being pressured by others to use drugs in situations that they would normally not. If they are at a party with friends and they are doing drugs someone is more likely to do drugs with them. They may think that not choosing to do this makes them not cool so it would be social suicide to not do drugs at a party if all their friends are doing this. So in order to be socially accepted they make the choice to do drugs and this starts the spiral of possible addiction. The strength of the drug people choice to use The next cause of drug addiction is the strength of the drug people choice to use. Someone who is using marijuana seems less likely to become addicted to drugs due to the fact the strength of the drug is less potent than others. People who start using drugs like this possible will experiment with a stronger drug like speed which is much more addictive. When someone becomes addicted to drugs they start to use different types of drugs to give them the same feeling they got from the first drug they tried. This cycle continues with each drug they try because eventually the high wears off faster. This causes them

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