Depression Essay

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Depression is a common disease affecting anybody including people from all ethnic groups, ages and professions. It is a disease which causes the person to feel sad and gloomy. It creates a feeling of hopelessness about future. This feeling makes the person suffering from it to stop enjoying his daily activities, hobbies and things which he loves to do normally. The disease is directly associated to unbalanced chemicals present in the brain. The human brain is a gigantic messaging system which controls everything from heat beat to the breathing, skin functions, organ working and reflexes. The brain is made of millions of nerve cells called neurons. These neurons send and receive messages from rest of your body through neurotransmitters present in the brain. These brain cells are responsible for emotional states of human being. When an unbalanced chemical reaction occurs in the brain cells the messages are not delivered correctly and disrupt the communication resulting in causing depression (Khan, 2009). The most common problem about depression is that many people leave it untreated. Some people are ashamed of having depression just because they do not want other people to know. Other people just take it as a normal mood swing. But it is not. A person may get depressed even when there is no reason of being sad. People suffering from depression need sympathy and need extra attention from those who are around them. In today's world where everything is going very fast, a struggle between individuals to reach the top has created things worse. Depression has become a global issue which is affecting every social group of every race and ethnicity. The solution for the problem is to address the problem before it becomes a serious problem. Adopting healthy and natural life styles, living close to the nature and by avoiding unnecessary and complex life styles can reduce the

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