Depression Essay

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The End of The Great Depression It was winter, 1929, California. Summer was a fourteen year old girl who had been living with her dad on a quiet, but busy street. She had clean and straight red hair, blue eyes and was wearing a crumpled brown jumper with jeans. Summer sprinted. She knew it was up to her to find more food. Her black woollen gloves weren’t as strong as she thought they would be, though. Her legs ached as she slowly walked across the fields of long, snaky grass. It felt as if they were real snakes, ticklish and cold. Summer was almost at the store. She knew where all the good food was hidden. It was behind the back of the store where the pick-up truck delivered the food daily. She saw the delivery truck man leave and quickly ran to the bread. It was fresh, and newly baked. It smelt of the most wonderful thing she had ever smelt. It made her stomach growl. She was extremely hungry and was so happy to see it. So Summer took off her worn-out gloves and she took a few loaves. It was as warm as her father’s campfires. Summer reminded herself to not stall around holding bread under her arms because last time she was caught stealing. As quickly as she could, she sprinted past the store and out onto the field. Back at home, her father, James, was digging up holes in the ground. James was a jobless man who has been digging up holes to find valuable objects and a thought struck his mind like thunder. He was thinking about what he would do if he dug up something that was worth a lot of money. His daughter would be so happy because they could buy anything they ever wanted. But it was only a dream. James sighed in relief as he saw his daughter return from the hills. “Father, I have returned,” called Summer. James glared at the bread with gloomy eyes. “Did you steal this?” he asked. Summer hung her head in shame. “Oh, Summer, you didn’t have to steal anything

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