Depression Essay

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Biological Causes of Depression Introduction Depression is a never-ending mental disorder which adversely effects an individual's life completely. It is distinguished by feelings of being considered not worthy enough, continuous fatigue, severe despair and above all with thoughts of committing a suicide. Just about some 10 percent of adults above the age of 18 years face extreme depression in the United States every year. It usually happens to those people who are sensitive in nature and feel much of whatever is happening around them. It is a very disturbing condition for the one who is going through it. No body actually knows what exactly causes this form of disease but it has been recommended that an amalgamation of biological elements along with environmental stressors put in to the inception and development of the disorder. Discussion Depression can also be occurred through physiologically biochemical and hereditarily based reasons. The reason for it may vary due to various situations in life. Today lives of human beings have become very complex and fast. They themselves do not know where they are heading. There are several situations that arise within their lives that tend to cause an imbalance in the functions of their brain and result in depression. It can occur because of a divorce in the family, if a relationship ends up, a loved one dies or even due to financial issues at home. Depression may occur in both young people as well as adults at the same time as any other disease is existing already too. It can easily exist in people who are already suffering from anxiety attacks, disturbing behavior, disorders related to personality and substance abuse and sexual dysfunctions. Even though depression is a disease that has become very common but there is no such perfect treatment to eradicate it completely. It may appear after particular time periods (Gotlib

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