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Depression It can happen to anyone. This is a disease that affects over a million Canadians, and eleven million in the United States. Depression. It may not sound that bad, but to people who have to live a depressed life, it can be a nightmare. For those who suffer from it, it is a mind-racing illness. What is depression? When some people hear the word depression, they think it's just a feeling of sadness and emptiness. Depression is so much more. It's having feelings of sadness, feeling guilty all the time, hopelessness, or maybe not feeling as sociable as you used to. For some people (mostly female), these feelings last for only a few days. Those who have a long-term depression, like myself however, go through these feelings and more every day of their lives. Each and every day is a struggle. Depression is definetely not something that should be ignored. If you find yourself constantly "down in the dumps", and sometimes don't know why, seek help. People who don't understand this topic too well, may wonder about the causes of it. There are many causes. Sometimes a chemical imbalance of serotonin in the brain may occur. This imbalance is called Predisposition. People with Predisposition usually inherited it from their mother or father. In most cases, it's passed down from generation to generation. I've been suffering from a mood and depressive disorder for the past 10 years. Genetics gave me a chemical imbalance that made it very difficult to live my life day by day. Some other people may experience depression because of loss of someone they loved, divorce, or maybe stress at work. Just about anybody can get depressed for a short period of time. It affects only 12% of males, and almost 24% of females. In fact, only one-third of Canadians who are depressed ever get help, and half of the people who suffer one episode, will develop a second

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