Depression Essay

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Have you ever felt like it was a struggle to live everyday life? Have you ever felt that no matter how hard you try to enjoy life, you just can’t be happy? Many teens, adults, and even elderly people feel this way at some time. People may attribute these feelings to general sadness, but it is a disorder called depression. Depression affects millions of people every year and greatly impacts their lives, but it can be treated. In this day and age depression is very prominent in teens. There are many causes of depression in teenagers but I think one of the main reasons depression happens is because of the media. In an article on the internet it says, “Media exposure could influence the development of depression symptoms through many different mechanisms (1).” I think the media puts a strain on these adolescents by projecting an image that the kid should be. For example, girls see models on the television or in magazines with very flat stomachs and want to be like the models. It can make some people depressed thinking thoughts of ‘I’ll never look that way’ or ‘I’m not pretty enough’. The message that too many young girls receive is that you have to be skinny and pretty to be accepted which is not the case. In the same way boys are projected to need ‘swag’ and play sports to be cool. Teens are also more likely to depression caused by stress. During this time teens are worried about getting a job, whether or not they are going to college, and what career path they need to go

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