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Depression 1 What is Depression? Tim Dixon Axia College of University of Phoenix Depression 2 What is depression? Do I have depression? In today’s busy world things seem to change every day and with those changes comes changes in our moods and how we feel about those changes. People feel saddened and down sometimes but this does not mean that they have depression but it also does not mean they should ignore what they are feeling either. Depression is not just a how we feel it is a disease and one of the most common in the world today. When one is diagnosed with this disease it is not one that you can say I will feel better tomorrow or give me a few days and this will all go away. This illness does not only affect the way you feel but it also affects how your body acts, depression involves the mind and body, which if gone untreated can make going about daily activities very difficult or even impossible? The first thing that needs to be done when feelings start to arise is to determine whether or not it is depression. According to diagnostic and Statistical manual of mental disorders(DSM_IV_RT) that at least five of the following symptom, including at least one of the first two must be present: 1. Depressed mood: Does the person feel sad or empty for most of the day, almost every day, or do others observe these symptoms? 2. Loss of interest in pleasure: Has the person lost interest in performing normal activities, such as working or going to social events? Does the person seem to be “just going through the motions” of daily life without deriving any pleasure from them? 3. Significant weight loss or gain: Has the person gained or lost more than 5 percent of body weight in a month? Has the person lost interest in eating or complain that food has lost its taste? 4. Sleep disturbances:

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