Deposition of Catherine Jones

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NO. 88-45573 IN THE MATTER OF THE MARRIAGE OF § § § PAUL R. RICHARDS AND CATHRYN RICHARDS § § § § AND IN THE INTEREST OF LAUREN ANNE RICHARDS AND PATRICK MICHAEL RICHARDS, MINOR CHILDREN § § § § 247TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS IN THE DISTRICI COURT OF DEPOSITION SUMMARY OF CATHERINE JONES MAY 26, 1989 EXAMINATION BY MS. SMITH: Page 5 Narrative Catherine Ann Jones. Live at 1747 Kipling in Houston, TX. Telephone number is 5241013. She knew Paul Richards. Met at the University of Texas Medical School while working as a secretary in the department of bio-chem and molecular biology, March of ’86. She was introduced to Mr. Richards by the office manager on March of 86. Did not work directly for him. She worked with two other doctors, Dr. Davis and Dr. Stoval. They have three secretaries in the office, he had another secretary. She was involved in an intimate relationship with Mr. Richards. They were just friends. Would say “hi” and talk. Started relationship in March of ‘87 after the biochemistry department retreat. They had lunch several times. Was approached in garage elevator by Dr. Richards and kissed. Started going to lunch. Just developed into a relationship. 5 6 7 7 8-9 She and Mr. Richards had intercourse a month or so after. Cannot give exact date, location. See each other every day at work. She was not sure how it started. Saw each other quite often every day at work. Would often see each other after work hours 4-5 times a week. They’d either go to dinner or lunch every day. Either went to eat or have drinks or went to a girlfriend’s house and stayed couple hours. He would say he was at work, working. He paid for dinner by credit card or cash. He paid majority of times. They would have intercourse every week. It was a little different. 3 or 4 times a week. She didn’t know It took place in several areas. Either hotel or

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