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Dependence Of Computers Essay

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Below is an essay on "Dependence Of Computers" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The Dependence of Computers

Computers have found their way into just about everything we do. They are a very useful tool and have benefited us from day one. Despite many benefits of computers, there are also a number of arguments against them. One such writer, who identifies himself as Naimen, considers computers to be safe and trouble free. In his essay titled “Dependency on computers”, Naimen argues why he thinks dependency on computers is a good thing and how it can lead to major advances in human enrichment. His first argument states the positive effect computers have on a child’s education and why it’s not bad to use at an early age. In his second argument, he claims that computers are meant to be abused and there is nothing wrong in becoming an obsession. Naimen’s last argument states that computers are meant to keep personal information and leaving it on the computer has no wrong doing. Although some of his ideas are reasonable, Naimen’s arguments can lead to dangerous circumstances. This essay will further discuss why the computers are great to use but not meant to be dependent upon.
In his essay, Naimen explains a few reasonable arguments. He says that computers are great to type from and learn early as possible. Even though computers are great to use, it is even better to get a head start as young as possible to get the basic steps out of the way. Another reasonable argument that Naimen argues is that “Computers make it easier to record and organize information and give us entertainment on an endless array of games at our disposal” (“Dependency on Computers essay”). Computers do make it convenient to record things on and entertain us at any given moment, but also take it to a whole new level of getting things done quicker to move on to the next important obstacle. Even though Naimen’s arguments are substantial, it is still no reason to get kids be takin by teachers to computer labs to type out short, quick assignments that could have been easily...

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