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Dental Hygienist: Cleaning the World’s Gum’s Jade Smith American Literature Ms. Barnes 15 May 2014 Dental Hygienist: Cleaning the World’s Gums Have you ever been talking to someone and their breath smells bad? Do you notice people’s teeth when talking to them? 78% of people in the world have one cavity by the age of 17.Dental hygienist take care of these issues. Everyone in the world has a set of teeth. Whether they keep them clean or not is up to them. Dental hygienist and dentist are in place to help take care of your teeth. "Lack of access to oral healthcare contributes to profound and enduring oral health disparities in the United States," according to a 2011 report by the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council, which estimated 33.3 million Americans, are underserved. (Selvam 18). What are Dental Hygienists? Many don’t like going to or are afraid of the dentists. This may be because of the dental hygienists. They scale and polish teeth and teach patients how to maintain good oral health. They also examine teeth for decay and the mouth for abnormalities and signs of gum disease. They develop and take x-rays and interpret them for the dentist who makes the diagnosis. (Geshelin1) The goal is to help the patient to have good oral hygiene. Oral hygiene is in direct contact with your overall health. Many dental hygienist works in dental offices. They can also work in hospitals, community health settings, and even in prisons. Wherever they work has to be clean and well lite. Dental hygienists also wear safety glasses, surgical masks, and gloves to protect themselves. (Occupational Outlook 2) They use hand and rotary instruments and ultrasonic devices to help with the wellness of the patient’s teeth. The dental hygienist also is allowed to administer anesthetics, and place and carve fillings. The dental hygienists are like the

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