Dental Emergency Essay

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Epilepsy is a common dental emergency. Epilepsy come from a greek word that means to hold or seize. Epilepsy is a disorder of the nervous It can be traced back through out history. In the earlier years it was thought to be a curse of evil spirit. Today however we have come to know a great deal more about the nature of the disorder, as it has continued to be a threat to every day We have a lot more knowledge today than we had a few years ago. There are new discoveries and advancement about the disorder. Many people have to deal with epilepsy in there everyday life . There are discoveries and advancements are being made every day. There are different types of seizures ,a wide range of diagnosis and treatment options. Epilepsy is a dental emergency because the patient has to be watched. We would need to make sure to move any item that could hurt them out of the way. To take care of the patient we need to look over there medical history .In going over medical history this will let us know the medications and any disease or disorder they may have . If a patient has a seizure the dental office needs to know how to handle the susurration! Seizure medication can also have effects on the oral cavity. Between 400 BC and 200 AD Hippocrates the (Father Of Medicine ) gain insights into epilepsy. Epilepsy is in the part of the brain that controls the nervous system. If you have a seizure the nature of the symptoms depend on the point of origin in the brain. To understand seizures it is necessary to know a little about the brain. Our brain control all our senses and weights about three pound. The brain is what makes us all different and unique. The structure of the human brain is compose of nerve cell each of which are capable of generating and transmitting electrical signals. The electrical signal will cross a

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