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Akshay Patel English 4 January 7 2011 Harmful Effects on Trees Helping the community to go green is exciting. Help the community recycle for our own benefits. In today’s world not enough people care about recycling, or saving tress. They don’t think what is going to happen if we don’t save trees. We should go as much paperless as we can to save trees. Cutting trees should be considered as a crime. There is no reason not to go completely paperless given the computer technology what we have. People should plant trees instead of cutting them and destroying the forest and prevent global warming by planting more trees. First, we should plant trees and not cut them. Planting helps environment and good environment helps people; it gives diseases les chances to spread or grow in one’s body. Trees gives us vegetables and fruits, it helps us to keep the earth cold. Planting trees in your yard can make your yard look beautiful. Cutting trees just gives us furniture; instead of wood furniture we can use metal furniture. More than 10 forest die everyday. 1000 trees are cut down a minute. Trees provide animals to live safe and healthy life. One tree grown by every 1 in 5 can make a difference, we can create a forest. Cutting is harmful for trees and the guys who cut trees. My advice to everyone is to help your community make a difference. Second, there are so many ways we could go paperless. We can start from our house, office, store’s, beaches, school. Phone companies, stores, banks and many more have their own websites where you can pay bills, view your bills. Not just your computer’s now a days you can view and pay by your phone. School’s uses more paper’s than any companies do; schools should allow the students to use computers, it’s easier to take notes, do their assignments, homework. It would be a lot easy for teachers and the students that they don’t

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