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Tavashna Romer Mrs Nancoo-Russell English Language February 27th, 2014 What influenced Jamaican playwright, actor, dancer Dennis Scott to become a poet? Dennis Scott is a very inspirational man that makes beautiful, memorable, vivid, amazing poetry. He is a Jamaican poet, playwright, actor, and dancer. He is well known for his amazing poems in the International General Certificate of Secondary Education syllabus and in many books around the world especially, West Indian Poetry, he is also well known for making appearance on The Cosby Show as Lester Tibideaux. Dennis Scott was born on the16th December 1939 in the beautiful country of Kingston, Jamaica. He attended Jamaica College, where he became headboy, and later attended the University of the West Indies. He taught in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago at Presentation College, and at Yale University in the United States of America. He also was an editor at Caribbean Quarterly. Afterward, he went to Athens, Georgia on a Shubert Playwriting Fellowship between the years of 1970-1971, and was awarded a Commonwealth Fellowship to take an education diploma course in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. He returned to Jamaica College to teach, and later on became the director of the School of Drama at the Cultural Training Centre in Kingston. Scott later taught at the Yale School of Drama, and was head of the Directing program from 1986 until his death, which occurred in New Haven, Connecticut, at the age of 51. In the early independence period of Jamaica Dennis Scott was on the most amazing, important, significant poets in that time period. His first collection was Uncle Time (1973), for which he won the Commonwealth Poetry Prize. He has been considered as one of the main impacts for modern Jamaican poetry. His other poetry collections are Dreadwalk: Poems 1970–78 (1982), Strategies (1989) and After-Image (2008), A Comfort of

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