Denmark Case Study

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Building Global Skills- Case Study 1 1. What was the total value of U.S. imports from Denmark last year? Of U.S. exports to Denmark? Total imports to the U.S. from Denmark total 5,540.1 (in millions) for 2006. Total exports from the U.S. to Denmark totals 2,268.5 (in millions) for 2006. 2. What is the total level of U.S. investments in Denmark? Of Denmark investments in the U.S.? The total investments from the U.S. to Denmark totaled 5,655 (in millions) in 2006. Total investments from Denmark to the U.S. totaled 6,255 (in millions) in 2006. 3. Profile the economy of Denmark: What is the GDP? What is per capita income? How fast is the economy growing? What are its major exports and imports? Who are its major trading partners? The GDP of Denmark was 276,611 in millions of U.S. dollars in 2006. Their per capita income was 50,965 dollars for 2006. Denmark’s economy has been very strong for the past three years, with a surplus of six percent of the GDP for last year. They are using this surplus to reduce their national debt, and become more economically stable. Its major exports are machinery and instruments, meat, dairy products, fish, and furniture. Its major imports are chemicals, grain and machinery equipment. Denmark’s major trading partners are Germany, Sweden, the U.K., the Netherlands, the U.S., China, and Japan. 4. Profile the people of Denmark: What languages do they speak? What is their average education level? What is their life expectancy? How fast is their population growing? They speak Danish, Faroese, German, and Greenlandic. Their spend more on their education than any other country in Europe. Education is

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