Denial Care Essay

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Denial care is one of the tools insurance companies use to refuse vital care to millions of patients in the United States who need immediate medical attention. Some lose their lives in pursuing the proper care leaving families and friends with nothing to hold on to. However, because of insurance companies denial care other families will soon go bankrupt. Families file bankruptcy to enable them to pay for the treatments they need. The life time limit is the amount of money health service providers are willing and able to pay in a life time of the patients; this is one of the basic tools of denial care. However, the effect of health care denial, the legality, whether it can be thought by institution of insurance companies, why the government allowed insurance companies to deny care to people that pays their premiums and finally what is done to improve this system. Denial care affects so many people because of pre-existing conditions, lifetime limit, and mange care. Millions of people get frustrated in the United States every year if they are sick, because they are turned down for coverage by insurance company. However, it is very devastating for an insurance company to deny coverage recommended by doctors. Whether it is private insurance company or government owned insurance, the belief is denial care helps ration health care for everyone. According to research, Tennessee patient under the insurance tenncare, “The nurse told us that TennCare doesn’t give the doctor enough money for the procedure, so the doctor wants us to use a medicine instead.” Another example of denial care’s affects is a mother who alleged that her child was denied care by an emergency department physician, the physician said “Medicaid wouldn’t cover the ER visit and that we were tying up the ER for a condition that primary care could handle. They told me that I would have to pay if I wanted my

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