Demonstrative Communication Essay

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Do you know how many different languages that are spoken by people around the world? There are over six thousand (6,000) languages and this is not the sole way that people communicate. People express what they are thinking and how they are feeling verbally, non-verbally, written, and visually. There is a range of definitions for communication; but one of the ways is can be defined is as the “process of transmitting and receiving messages. Communications involves reciprocation of ideas and messages” (Manero, n.d.). Verbal communication involves both written and oral messages and non-verbal communication involves gestures, body language, voice tone, and images, etc. (Manero, n.d.) Demonstrative communication involves both verbal and non-verbal communication and can be broken up into three categories: body, physiology, and non-verbal. People communicate using their body through eye contact, gestures, hand/finger signs, and facial expressions. A good example of how communicate with their body is through space and appearance. There are many times when one person invades another person’s personal space. If someone sits too close or stands to close then they other person tends to take a step away. A common place where this happens is in elevators. When there are only two people in an elevator they tend to stand on opposite sides of that elevator in order to maintain their personal space. And people also communicate through their appearance by the way they dress, the way their hair is done, makeup, tattoos, etc. For example, a person wearing a suite to a job interview is communicating that he or she is professional. (Manero, n.d.) Physiologically, people communicate through their body language with posture, gestures, and facial expressions. How one sits or stands sends a message, turning your back to another person sends a message, crossing arms over your chest or

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