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Demonstrative Communication June 26, 2013 Demonstrative Communication A smile, arms crossed, a deep stern voice; these convey a message from one person to another in a nonverbal way. A smile shows someone is happy, warm and friendly on the other hand arms crossed indicates someone is unhappy, does not want to be bothered, closed off even. While the sound of a deep stern voice could indicate a warning, these are all demonstrative forms of communication. People are not all robots with the same facial expression and monotone voice, using these nonverbal gestures helps get the point across, set a tone, but often times can be misinterpreted just as spoken words can be. Effective ways to use demonstrative communication is to make sure the facial features, body language and tone of voice are matching the words you are using. In an argument, if heated or not, the speaker should always try to remain calm and relaxed, place their hands loosely beside them, or palms facing up. Their face should be relaxed with a slight smile, and the tone should be firm, but not harsh. This shows the receiver that they are not attacking, or demanding anything of them, but needs the listener to do something for them. An example of an effective way demonstrative communication will work in favor of the sender to a receiver is a personal work example that has happened recently. Working in a pharmacy we need to ensure we have the right amount of the right medicine in stock for our customers. Recently however, our stock was too high in items we did not use frequently and too low in the ones we did. After increasing and decreasing the orders as much as possible the pharmacy manager was still unable to figure out why our counts were off. She called a meeting for the staff. Before she started the meeting she greeted everyone with a warm smile and hello, and then expressed her concern that our

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