Demonstrative Communication Essay

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Demonstrative Communication Have you ever been engaged in a conversation with someone and felt as though they were not paying attention? Have you ever heard someone speaking and know by their tone of voice that they were angry or upset? Has anyone ever looked at you and without saying a word you knew the answer to the question you asked? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you understand the meaning of demonstrative communication. Demonstrative communication is nonverbal communication, including facial expressions, body posture, and eye contact (“,” 2010). Silent or nonverbal reactions when communicating as the sender or receiver can greatly affect how information is both received and perceived and will certainly affect the reaction given or received in return. Nonverbal communication can be effective or ineffective ,depending on the method used by the sender and receiver, and in turn produce a positive or negative effect. Eye contact is one example that can be either effective or ineffective and is particularly significant because the visual sense is dominant for majority of people (Segal, Ph.D., Smith, M.A., & Jaffe, Ph.D., 2012). When eye contact is appropriately maintained when speaking the sender can communicate that he is knowledgeable on the topic being discussed, interested in the conversation, and produce positive responses (Segal, Ph.D., Smith, M.A., & Jaffe, Ph.D., 2012). The listener sequentially can convey a positive message with eye contact that he is attentive and understands the message being transmitted. Eye contact quickly can turn ineffective and negative if either party thinks the other is staring. Staring could provoke someone to become preoccupied by a feeling of being uncomfortable, therefore causing the message to be diminished. When eye contact cannot be maintained the tone used to

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