Demonstrative Communication Essay

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Demonstrative Communication Shatari Wilburn BCOM/275 November 20, 2011 Joel Maier Demonstrative Communication According to Joey Papa, eHow Contributor, Communication is the essence of life. Communication is a transfer of information from one person to another. Communication can be verbal or nonverbal, written or visual. Verbal communication consists of oral and written information that is transferred into communication. Nonverbal communication consists of facial expressions, body language, eye contact, or gestures. Demonstrative Communication according to N. Nayab (2010, July 26) entails sending and receiving wordless messages. In many known factors, demonstrative communication reinforces verbal communication. There are many elements of demonstrative communication such as, facial expressions, body language, eye contact, or gestures. The elements listed are provided to help not only the sender, but the receiver understand the information that is being provided. There are different types of communication, but demonstrative communication is known to work in face to face conversations with another person, someone who is passing by, or having an intimate moment with your spouse. Facial Expressions Facial expressions are known as nonverbal communication elements to convey communication to the next person. Facial expression communications could be a simple smile, a frown, a raised eyebrow, a yawn, or a sneer. Facial expressions change based on feelings, emotions, or senses. Facial expressions are used to transfer information to someone without a sound or touch. A facial expression along with other communication techniques has its pros and cons when it comes to communication. Body Language Body language has many elements to it as well. Body language is also a very good element that is used to transfer and understand communication. The many elements of body

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