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How to install Windows 7 Don Cook Ivy Tech Community College <COMM101> <2/4/2015> How to install a new version of Windows 7 Who here has had a super slow computer or a lot of viruses on it? Did you reinstall Windows? Did you notice that your computer was running like brand new again? Today I am going to give a demonstration on how to install Windows 7. I have worked in I.T. for 12 years now. Technology is something I enjoy learning about something new every day. From the PC support website “How to Clean Install Windows 7” will teach you how to get rid of viruses and the benefits of reinstalling windows. So things we need to install Windows 7 1. We need a Windows 7 disk 2. Time 3. Patience Let’s get started with the step by step on how to install Windows 1. Restart your computer with the Windows disk inside of it 2. Select the partition on the primary drive and delete it 3. Choose a location and click install Windows 4. Create a user name/ password 5. Enter a Windows 7 product key 6. Finished Now you know how to install Windows 7, that wasn’t so hard was it? Any questions? So remember the three things needed, was the Windows 7 disk, Time, and Patience References Andrews, J. (2014). A+ guide to managing and maintaining your PC. Australia: Course Technology Cowart, R., & Knittel, B. (2009, October 23). Windows 7 installation how-to, step by step - Computerworld. Retrieved from Fisher, T. (2014, February 14). How To Clean Install Windows 7 (Part 1 of 3). Retrieved from (images

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