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How to make “Delicious star spangled angel food cake” I. INTRODUCTION A. Attention Getter: Angel food cake…that delicious moist cake that makes you want more. B. Purpose Statement: I am here today, to demonstrate to you all how you can impress your friends and family at any party by bringing a simple decorated angel food cake made in less than five minutes. C. Thesis statement: I will show you how to decorate a store bought cake just by using a few store bought items. D. Statement to clarify. Definition, history analogy, example…Any additional information needed in order for your speech to continue: You can use anything to decorate this angel food cake but I chose fruits and of coarse whip cream. II. A. Main Point Statement(s): The ingredients you need are: A . 1 Angel food cake 1 Pint of blueberries 1 Pint of raspberries 1 Can of redi-whipped cream Now that we know our ingredients, we can begin with our steps to making the cake. B. There are 4 simple steps to making this dessert. Step 1: First, you uncover the angel food cake. Step 2: Second, open the can of redi-whipped cream and put the whip cream on the top of the cake all around. Step 3: Place the berries on top of the whip cream Step 4: Enjoy ! Now, let’s go over what we did today. III. A. Restatement of purpose: You have learned how to make a delicious angel food cake less than 5 minutes and you can impress your family and friends. B. Restatement of thesis: Even though everything is store bought and not homemade it can still be delicious and appetizing ! C. Final Thought: I hope that you will try to make this dessert and impress your friends and family at

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