Demonstration Debrief Essay

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You presentation was amazing and very useful at that. Your tranquil demeanor was ever-present, as you transitioned from one activity to the next. Technology can be tricky when presenting, but you managed to manipulate each piece of equipment with ease. We enjoyed being read aloud to especially because your reading voice was so expressive and animated (we certainly wouldn’t mind having you do it again). It was evident that you motivate your students by challenging them with the use of “five dollar” words, such as “syntactic complexity.” You supplied a variety of visuals and texts, which is always an asset when working with a crowd of teachers. We enjoyed the sentence fluency activity very much, and definitely appreciated the blank copy! Your affect was very calm, but also very engaging and inviting. The technology “hiccup” was handled with much poise. Your care and concern was evident, which we all know you provide to your students on a daily basis. By walking around the room and commenting on our work, you maintained a strong presence. You were flexible in your understanding about meeting all grade level needs. As you read Fireflies, you showed so much enthusiasm. Sharing your recommendation on the book Wonder had everyone wanting to head straight to library. We appreciate your genuine compliments and how you respected our contributions with specific feedback. In alignment with best practices, you assessed our prior knowledge of the sentence fluency definition and reviewed your presented strategies in the end. We were given ample time to construct meaning of what sentence fluency is. Taking your time, you modeled each teaching strategy with confidence and assurance. The book selection was relevant to your topic and appropriate for a variety of grade levels. You operated your choice of technology with ease. Delivering a presentation that was

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