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Demonstrating, Understanding, & Appreciation The course Heritage of Faith has taught me many things, some of which I was not in any way expecting; however, the most wonderful gift it has given me is recognizing the importance of humility and the unconditional love God gives us each and every day. Within the following paragraphs I will share my insights of learning, shifts in thoughts and beliefs, and discuss my appreciation for spiritual growth. From reading and understanding the Scriptures, I stopped viewing the Bible as a theatrical story tale of sorts. It truly is a unique piece of history that has stood the test of time, and maintains the same relevance today that it did 3,000 years ago. Amazingly the Bible involved 40 different authors, contains 66 books over a 1,600 year time span; however its theme remains the same throughout the book. There are no other historical pieces of literature that comes close to this. The Bible is without error. Although the Bible contains many metaphors, for the most part it is not to be taken literally. The Scriptures taught me that eternal salvation doesn’t come just by those who simply read through the Bible; faith alone is God’s grace. Reading the Bible has answered many of my questions as to why I am here on this Earth, living the life I have been given. Ultimately, the readings of the Scriptures point us to our ultimate Savior, Jesus Christ. He is the Word, and without him we would not have been saved from our sins. It is with Jesus’ humility and compassion that we are able to share of our time and talents with our neighbors. Similarly, my attitudes and actions have unexpectedly changed as a result of my learning; allowing the Word to speak to me. Although I was raised and profess to be a Catholic presently, I never fully believed everything the Bible stated. I picked and chose what I wanted to

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