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“Teachers need to see effective instructional strategies in action before they can make them their own.” [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] Last I had my first demonstration teaching with the first year accounting students. 3 days before or the day that I knew that I’m the one who will first do the demonstration teaching 1 week before the demo I’m so nervous. I do not know what should I do first, in how I can deliver my lesson in the way that the students can understand what I’m explaining. I search in the Internet of many definition of the structure if the sentence. A short but simple explanation that I can use so that my students can understand the lesson. The day before my demonstration teaching, I almost use all of my time preparing for the demo. I print all my handouts, the activity paper that I will give to my students, I even ask my brother to draw a pistol that will be used in my motivation part. I also read the article and search some picture about the feminism that the students will be given a time to formulate a sentence. That night before the day of my demonstration teaching I’m so very nervous I’m always praying that my demo will be successful and I can speak English spontaneously. I even had a dream that I’m already teaching in the accounting students and we’re all enjoying the lesson. I do not have enough sleep because I’m thinking about the demo. The day of my demo, before I go to school I passed by the church and pray for the success of my demo. I’m so nervous. When I enter the room, I’m still very nervous maybe because this is my first time to have my demonstration teaching in a big number of class and have 3 panelists. My major teacher, Sir. Noel Franco and my co-English major, Joy Gongob and Ruth Villaceran. I start my class in an opening prayer, I introduced my

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