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Isah, Sittie Aisah A. ED 23/WED 9:00-12:00 BEED-4 REFLECTIVE NARRATIVE REPORT Last September 19, 2012 was my first demonstration in GK Sibol at Dalipuga. It is a form of Community Service through the program of CED U-ROCK GK Sibol. Having a demonstration is one of the requirements in the ED 23 class; a course enhances the developmental reading of emergent learners. As part of the course we engage in the said activity together with my co-educators in supervision of Prof. Elena Fabiosa. At around 1:30 in the afternoon we make a start on going the site at GK Dalipuga, as we arrive in the location, they are also preparing their formal class together with their teacher. GK’s day care center has two sessions’ morning and afternoon. Morning session comprises the kinder 1 learner while kinder 2 is in the afternoon session. Nonetheless we then started our proper instructions to them by presenting some sort of introduction and stated our objectives why we conduct a teaching to them. The same as in demonstration we formally started our discussion in comparable with our presented learning plan from preliminary activities down to evaluation. Since they are emergent learners our activities are suited to their age level, what we learn in our Ed 23 class is what we apply in GK Sibol. After an hour of discussion we bestow a miniature snacks to the kids. As a Michaelite future teacher we have to inculcate in our heart and mind the three core values namely, Faith, Excellence and Service. Through the Community Extension Service (CES) activity, an additional triumph I truly possess an experience that can’t exchange to any class award distinction. Despite of course requirement to teach at GK Sibol, I feel fulfilled and satisfied not that I successfully done the requirement but I became a catalyst, I touch and transform lives in an hour. Seeing the little eyes of the child

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